Microbes in Water

Why cleanliness of water assist in control of disease?


Welcome to Chris Cheng's website of Microbes in Water, in here you can explore and understands how the cleanliness of water assist in control of disease. In here you can find all the topics about microbes in water and below is a guide to help you travel and surf through this websites efficiently, please enjoy!


In the links above, it's started off with a summary and syllabus and separated in to four different topics, the first part How many microbes are present in water? presents an experiment which carry out an investigation to identify microbes in water. In What microbes in water causes disease? clearly presents and identify the disease typhoid fever, a disease that is spread by unclean water. Which in part 3, How can diseases caused by microbes in water be reduced? provide a detailed Hong Kong and Australia's method of how drinking water can be treated, which allows the students to understand how water is treated before drinking. The last section include a recent news article which relate to the topic microbes in water. 

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