Microbes in Water

 Summary: Why cleanliness of water Assist in control of disease?

 Watch the video below to gain an understanding of the need of water before reading the summary below!

 Water is known as one of the most important substance in the world that every species required. Without the water, species wouldn't be able to survive and live. Water is an essential to life on Earth. However, water is filled lots of micro-organisms, sometimes also known as bacteria. These can causes the water to be contaminated and if people drink it, it may causes disease. For which water must be treated of in control in order to ensure the cleanliness of the water and prevent organisms from affected by the disease. 

As quoted from the video above, "About every 19 seconds, a mother loses one of her children to a water related illness, and 1 billion suffer from it each day". The cleanliness of water is essential, it is able to assist in the control of disease because the water treatment process helps it to separate the microbes that causes the bacteria, it also avoided the need for people to walk far far away just to get dirty water. Not only the microbes in the water, but some substances in the water are also have a high chance of growing diseases, in which this could be simply avoided by water treatments process.

The video above and on the right not only provoke a strong message of the needs of clean water, but also answered the questions by presenting how the cleanliness of water can avoid diseases. The waterborne pathogens in the water can reproduce in splits seconds, the growth is such a fast rate that it will spread around the whole area in just a few moments. Which the cleanliness of water is essential as a disease can be reduced and be controlled which lowering the rate of bacteria and pathogens produced in the water.  

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